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Sustainable farming
Madame Raspberry

Developing more environmentally responsible practices and sustainable farming systems is a key objective of the BBO Food Group and the Oxfordshire Community Partnership.

Definitions of sustainable farming all focus on the same principles. A sustainable agriculture system

  • reduces adverse impacts on the environment

  • improves farm animal welfare

  • produces wholesome, affordable food

  • improves the economic viability of farming and food production.

Farmers who want to demonstrate they use sustainable agriculture practices must be audited by an accredited authority to show they meet agreed sustainability indicators. Sustainable farming practices are characterised by an emphasis on biological systems and management techniques rather than the inputs that are used in conventional farming.

The audit uses a set of indicators that could typically include: soil fertility, avoidance of pollution, use of non-renewable resources, livestock management, social function of the farm, use of appropriate technology, biodiversity and landscape.

BBO Food Group continues to promote farmers and growers who use sustainable farming practices.



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